Our Philosophy


The Name

Mandara is the Japanese word for Mandala, a circular symbol that is used as a point focus for increasing ones self awareness and impact on the world, helping to focus attention and bring about continual development of the individual, or the organisation.  Mandara Consulting Group was established with that aim. It understands that reflection, and understanding of the impact and presence of an individual and organisation is far more powerful if it is done intentionally, and with purpose. We provide a point of focus, helping our clients to uncover the real issues facing them; breaking through the “noise” and getting to the essence of their individual situations. We then work together to find the right solution and clearly define the right strategies for success. We focus on what is needed and don’t offer generic programs. Each organisation has a unique path with specific needs and it is Mandara Consulting Group’s mission to provide the opportunity for sustained success.

Why the tree?

Organisations are very much like trees. Trees are organisms that must adapt to their environments in order to survive; those that do this the best are those that live for many hundreds of years, some for thousands. Some trees don’t grow well, they are stunted because of poor planting or positioning, their growth is very slow and they never reach their full potential. Others of course wither and die. Organisations, like the individuals in them, grow and change, experiencing different seasons and changes in their environments. Those businesses that grow and flourish and are sustained for many generations are those that adapt best to their environments, recognising the need to change. The roots of a tree ensure its vitality. Organisations that create sound structures and systems, choosing the right people, will see their businesses thrive. They are the roots of their organisations ensuring prolonged growth and vitality.

The Mandara logo also recognises individuality.

The individual leaf within the tree trunk, with its colour repeated in leaves, has meaning for both the individuals of an organisations and the organisations themselves. Each individual in an organisation has the ability to affect many other individuals having an impact on the harmony, productivity and culture of the business. Nurturing and recognising the value of each person and also the value of choosing the right people, organisations can assist the individuals to enhance the well-being and success of their businesses.

Similarly, organisations may recognise themselves as individuals within an industry and of course in the wider world. Trees help to maintain the balance in the world, so too do organisations. The recent global financial crisis is witness to that fact. Organisations that actively work to enrich and improve their businesses, acting responsibly, are those that effect the evolution of the industries and environments in which they operate. They may choose to lead, building sustainable, successful business models that are then taken up by others, improving the business environment or fall away.